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Now in its 6th year, the 3rd edition of this textbook has been written to cover the General Marine Engineering Syllabus content as prescribed by the IMO, and SAMSA codes in South Africa. The textbook covers the entire content from Officer of the Watch level, all the way through to Chief Engineer.

All of the sketches have been drawn in an "easily understandable" manner, with the intention of making the sketches easily replicable for examination purposes at level II and level III. 

The textbooks work in conjunction with a digital file storage DVD so as to provide detailed images/photographs and animations for students to gain a better practical understanding of the theoretical material contained within the textbook. 

(421 pages)       Sample Text    

At the end of the book are examination type questions for every chapter that have been asked over the past number of years in South Africa.

Chapters: Materials, Fuel & Lubricants, Ship Handling, Power Transmission, Refrigeration, Pumps & Pumping Systems, Safety & Safety Systems, Instrumentation & Control, Watchkeeping, Ship Maintenance & Management, Management.                

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