CoC Oral Preparation

SAMSA 2016-2017 Annual Report - Oral Candidate Pass Rates

Why is there a need for oral preparation?…. Hint, look at the figures above!

For information about available Oral Preparation classes click link: Oral Assistance

Marine Engineering Officer oral preparation is offered as one-to-one tuition or in group format. The oral preparation classes cover the types of questions that candidates can expect when they will enter an Certificate of Competency oral examination, and will include all of the known past oral examination questions asked by SAMSA.

The time spent will prepare the students in answering questions directly asked of them, similar to what they would find during a level 3 certificate of competency assessment

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Our mentoring programs are run over 5 or 10 days depending upon the preferences of the individual and the competency/confidence levels of the individual. These programs cover a complete review of the key points of the syllabus, as well as all of the areas where questioning can be expected. For more information, click on the link that follows: Mentoring Program

Snacks & refreshments are provided along with course material. 

Students will be provided with a workbook (past questions), and feedback will be given as to incorrect answers, or focus areas where it envisaged that they might find problematic.

Oral preparation classes are offered for the following levels. 

      Marine Motorman

  Engineering Officer of the Watch         2nd Engineering Officer       Chief Engineering Officer   

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