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Incorporating General, Motor, Steam, Electrical, Control Systems & Maritime Law Components

5 Day and 10 Day Mentoring Programs - Individual Tuition

Statistics (as reported by SAMSA) show that the vast majority of SAMSA oral candidates are very under-prepared to undertake their level III oral assessment to obrain their professional operating licence (Certificate of Competency). The South African education model means that there is a long delay between students studing marine engineering theory and a University of Technology (or elsewhere), and then doing the oral examination. This delay means that a lot of what was learned - has been forgotten.

Mentoring of prospective oral candidates in our 5 annd 10 day programs are offered by a Chief Engineer (unlimited), with the maritime law component done by a lecturer who holds a Masters degree in shipping law. For the Marine Engineers, tuition is provided by Dr. Lambert who lectures Second and Chief Engineering Officers at CPUT, and who has published the prescribed textbooks in use in South African marine engineering education.

During these 5 and 10 day sessions, the candidates will cover all of the areas that can be expected in the level III oral examination. All material is provided to the students as part of the course fee. Courses are charged at a reasonable houly rate (R 400 per hour), making the courses affordable. It is important to remember that delays in passing the SAMSA oral examination can result in months of lost income, which makes oral preparation classes a sensible choice.

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